Monday, May 20, 2013

craft show

I know I have been MIA the past week or so, but we signed up last minute for our first outdoor craft show this past Saturday, and I have been busy sewing and getting ready for that.  It was a stormy day (although, thankfully the rained stayed away for the hours that the show was open) so we were super glad I purchased this tent last week!
I sewed a ton of new aprons but unfortunately I finished them in the wee hours Saturday morning so these are the only pictures I have of them all :(  I will be listing what is left in the next week, once the rain passes and I can get some good photos.

In addition to the craft show I also got to go pick out fabric for our next couple of sewing class projects with Regan, my other machine sewing student, and her mom (who just happen to be our good friends), and we had dinner with our neighbors and got a tour of the tear drop camper they are making.  Pretty cool! (this is a phone pic- that is why it is so grainy).
Hopefully you will see me in this space a little more this week :)

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