Friday, January 31, 2014

baby aprons

Before Christmas I made a few baby aprons (like for a 1 and 2 year olds) on a whim.  I took them to a show and sold out in minutes, plus had requests for more.  Because they are so small they come together really quickly and are a great use for those pieces of fabric that are too small for a larger apron, but too big for the scrap bin.

I just finished up these aprons yesterday.  It was so fun digging through my stash to make them!

Emmy (some what reluctantly) agreed to modeled for me, so you can see just how adorable a baby apron is in use :)

Thursday, January 30, 2014

snow day

We woke up yesterday morning to this (some areas near us had 10 inches!)

We started off our snow day with donuts...
yummy :)

Then bundled up to head outside.  Emmy was fine, as long as I did not set her down - if I did, this was the result :(

Sled rides from Max - Emmy didn't cry for this.

In case you are wondering where I got a 7th child from, this is a neighbors little girl.  She stays with us when her mom has duty on the ship.

Addie chillin' in the sled while I pull and try and take photos over my shoulder.

Homemade play dough!  I have not made this since Regan and Micah were little, but on a pre-storm grocery trip I decided we needed some extra entertainment for the next few days.

As predicted, here the kids are making their own sledding hill (The saddest part about 7 inches of snow in our neighborhood is the lack of hills for sledding)

Another make-shift sledding hill :)

The littlest ones just watched in the afternoon. 
Schools (and almost everything else) are closed again today, and I image Friday too (We don't know what to do with a little snow here in southern Virginia let alone 6+ inches!)  That should mean a very productive few days at home, right?

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

when your 18 month old and 4 year old share a room...

you never know what strange things you will find in the morning.

Like this odd overnight growth I found on Emmy's belly when I was getting her dressed.

Apparently her sister put this doll paci in her onesie the night before and she slept with it in there!
Another time Emmy's Seahorse was sleeping next to her... with a helmet on.  And more than once I've checked on the girls before I go to bed only to find Addie asleep on the changing table.  Silly girls :)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

addie is 4!

Adelaide turned 4 last week!   I am soaking up these days where she still willingly holds my hand in the parking lot and will curl up in bed for a good snuggle.  Although I sometimes wish that she would let someone other than mom do anything for her, I secretly love how much she still needs me.

Unfortunately she woke up on her birthday with a fever and feeling pretty miserable.  Turned out she had Strep and an ear infection- not a very good birthday present!

By the afternoon (with the help of some medicine) she was feeling a little better and we actually got some smiles and giggles out of her.
This little girls makes me smile :)  Happy Birthday, Addie!

Monday, January 27, 2014

in between illnesses

I found a few days where no one was too sick in the past month to do a couple room makeovers for the girls.  They are not totally finished, still things to hang on the walls and curtains to be made, but the painting and and carpet removal is done.  Here are a few photos of both rooms...

Regan and Tallulah's room

Here are some before pictures of both rooms and another after we got the bunk beds.

Adelaide and Emmaline's room

Here is the progression of the stripes from this to this and now the gray and white stripes.

Friday, January 24, 2014

i didn't mean to be gone so long!

We spent 10 days in Maryland just before Christmas.  I had planned to blog while we were there, but then it didn't happen and when we got home, on Christmas Eve, I got sick... and then the rest of the family got sick, and then we all got sick again, and some of us got sick a third time, Ugh! So, a month later we are all finally feeling better and I am ready to start blogging again! 

Here are just a handful of photos from our time in MD...

Tommy came along with us and got into all sorts of trouble at Grammy's house.  Here he is hanging with the Ladies in the doll cabinet :)

Emmy loved to climb up in this rocker. I have countless photos of her sitting in it.  The painting in the back ground is one my grandfather painted of my dad sitting in that same rocker when he was a boy.  Because of where the painting is hanging it was hard to capture this photo the way I really wanted to... 

There is much debate about weather Regan looks more like me or her father... what do you think?

No bathtub at Grammy's, but the kitchen sink is plenty big enough :)

There were lots of presents...

And a whole day spent with the family.  This is all the Grand kids.  We are finally adding some more girls to the group with two of my nephews getting married this summer!

We spent an afternoon decorating ginger bread houses with good friends.
The month before we left for MD was a whirlwind of craziness, so it was really nice to relax and visit with family for a week... and then spend some more time "relaxing" when we got home and all had fevers :)  More about our extended winter break soon! 

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