Tuesday, October 7, 2014

cotton tail

It's October and the kids are thinking about Halloween already.  They dug through the dress-up bin the other day and found this costume for Emmy...

Of course I had to pull out the old photos to find these... Regan, when she was about the same age as Emmy.

And Addie, when she was almost 2 :)
So far I have not had any official requests from the kids for me to make them costumes, but it never fails that every year I say I am not going to, and then a few days before Halloween I find myself making at least one (usually more) complicated costume(s).  I wonder what Characters I will be sewing on the wee hours this October?

Last minute costumes from the past?  There was Mega Mind (scroll down), a flower fairy,  a knight, another knight, a mermaid, and Rapunzel and two hobbits.

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