Wednesday, October 19, 2011

rainbow jello

Growing up my mom would make the prettiest rainbow jello- thin, colorful layers of jello, stacked in a clear glass casserole dish.  Recently she tried making it in a trifle bowl and loved the way it turned out.  This week the kids and I decided to try it out ourselves.  I am giving you the original recipe- I used 6oz boxes instead of 3oz and in the end I think the smaller boxes would have been better- It took a R.E.A.L.L.Y. long time for the layers to set and I realized after I poured the first layer that there was not enough room in the bowl if I used the whole 6oz./color.

Rainbow Jello

1 (3oz) pkg cherry jello
1 (3oz) pkg orange jello
1 (3oz) pkg lemon jello
1 (3oz) pkg lime jello
1 (3oz) pkg blue raspberry jello
1 (3oz) pkg grape jello
16 oz. sour cream
Cool Whip (if desired) to garnish

Dissolve grape jello in 1c. boiling water.  Add ¾ c. cold water.  Pour 1 c. of mixture into trifle bowl.  Chill until set.  Add 2 Tbsp sour cream to the remaining ¾ c. of jello.  Pour over set layer.  Repeat with each color jello.  Spread Cool Whip as top layer.

Caution: Be sure each new later is room temperature before adding to previous layers.


Courtney said...

i was hoping you would post a picture of this. the trifle bowl is perfect for such a creation. can you taste all the flavors? or is it mostly pretty?

Anonymous said...

I am so excited to try this recipe. I will post when the deed is done


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