Saturday, January 26, 2008

Trouble in Paradise

Tallulah has not been sleeping well recently and last night, at 1am, she figured out how to climb out of her crib.  I thought it was bad when Regan did it at 22 months, but Lulu is just 18 months.  And one fall was not enough to deter her from future attempts.  She had climbed out of her crib at least 5 times tonight.  Finally, we gave up and put her to bed with Regan.  This is trouble.  Who ever said that boys were harder when they are little has not met our daughters! lol.  
On a brighter note, this week we will be completing the first half of our curriculum!  I can't believe we have made it half way through our first year already!  We finished up The Family Under the Bridge a week or so ago and are currently reading Dr. Doolittle.  I don't remember if I ever read the book when I was little or just heard the stories, anyway, it is a fun read (and I think the kids like it too :). 
We finally made it through the Judges and are onto the Kings now, with David having just been anointed by Samuel.  It is funny, reading through the judges, with every judge it said, "and the people followed God until (fill in judges name) died, and then they forgot what God had done and began worshiping idols again"  and Regan would say "They started worshiping idols again!" She just can't figure out what is wrong with those Israelites!  I guess that would be the time for me to mention that fact that she just did the thing that I told her not to do ten minutes ago, again.  It is nice to think that we are better than the Israelites, always turning back to idols, but a quick inventory of our heart will tell us we are the same.  The same except one thing, we have the fulfillment of the law, Christ, when they had only a promise of Him.
Regan and Micah are both making great progress on their reading.  Regan just completed the 2nd of 3 readers for the year and Micah is reading through book 1 now.  We are a little slower on Math, something I need to pick up the pace on, but Regan seems to have a pretty good handle on it and is doing well with our current curriculum.  First grade math is proving a little too challenging for Micah, mostly in his ability to pay attention and not in his ability to figure it out if he tries.  That is okay though, he does not need to do 1st grade math.  Besides, he enjoys the math workbooks from the Dollar Tree just fine!
We started slow in Science, but are quickly catching up.  Right now we are trying to grow carrots using carrot tops.  So far nothing has happened, but it have been pretty overcast this week and I am having a hard time finding a sunny place to set them.  I should use Regan's new camera and take some pictures for you all, they actually are not too bad as long as no one moves and the light is right.  Next time.
I think that pretty much sums up where we are at.  I will try and get some more pictures on soon.  

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hold on to that picture

Max is sleeping.  I have not been able to get him to nap for at least a week.  Yesterday I almost resorted to Benadryl, but settled for some quiet time alone in his room.   Today, when I was tucking Max in he said, "Do you want to sleep with me Mommy?"  How could I refuse?  These moments are fleeting as he grows more independent everyday.  It only took a few moments before I could hear the even breaths that accompany sleep beside me.  I wish I had a camera with me as I lie there to capture his face in those few moments before sleep.  As soon as I lay down beside him he squeezed his little eyes closed, with a half smile on his face.  It was a picture I will have to hold on to forever in my memory.   

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Funny things the kids have said this week...

Micah was supposed to be having a time out in his room the other day when he came walking into the living room.  When I asked him what he was doing out of his room he said "Tallulah said I could come out!"  Although it is quite possible that when Micah was 18 months old he could have said as much, Lulu is not that verbal. She takes after her brother Max with only a handful of words and most of them unintelligible!

The stomach flu has been making it's way through our family this week and Regan was the last to get it.  When I pulled out the Gatorade to give her some Micah said "My stomach just started to hurt again, can I have some Gatorade?"  It is reminiscent of a month after he got his cast off when he saw me giving Tallulah some Motrin and he said "My arm hurts, I need some Motrin!"

The kids say some great things, I really should write them down more often.  I know I have forgotten many already!  Thanks Sherri, for encouraging my to write it all down.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Family Photos

Well, we finally got our new iMac today and are having fun already playing with all the new "toys".  Thought you all might enjoy some family pictures!  
School has been going well the past two weeks, getting a lot done and having fun.  We are moving a little slower today as Lulu and Max had the stomach flu last night and mommy is busy playing with the new computer.  

More to come....

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas in Maryland

So, our travels are all over and we are glad to finally be settled in at home for while. It has been a great couple of weeks though, getting to visit with family and being a part of of Paula's wedding on December 15th and also attending the wedding of some good friends the Saturday before Christmas. Here are some pictures of our time at Grammy and Poppy's for Christmas.
Here are the kids in their new PJ's on Christmas Eve in front of Grammy's Christmas Tree. Since we were traveling so much this year we did not get a live tree, but just had a three foot artificial tree instead. So, that in mind, it was nice to have a real tree to put our presents under on Christmas morning.

Tallulah was enamored with the big Christmas Tree (she liked our little one too).

She is just so cute, I can hardly stand it!

Regan, Micah and Max Christmas morning, waiting patiently to open their gifts!

Lulu playing peak-a-boo with her new hooded towel.

Max with his much anticipated Fire truck. He also got a fire fighter costume, a fire truck puzzle and some fire fighter books, are you sensing a theme?

Micah with some of his Veggie Tale pirates. Anything Veggie Tales brings a smile to this boys face.

Lulu loved opening presents. None of the other kids really got it at this age, but Lulu couldn't get enough!

She has not quite figured out how to hold the phone, but she definitely knows what to do with it! "Hiii, Hiii, Hiii"

The pictures of Regan with her gifts did not turn out, but she got a (cheap) digital camera and within two days of getting the camera had already taken over 100 photos! We might have a budding photographer in our midst!
We got home in time for dinner on the 26th and are finally getting back into the swing of things. We officially started back to school today and everyone was excited for home school. Regan tells me often how much she loves home school and asks why I sent her to the public school (last year) where they have to stay all day and they don't learn about God! It is encouraging to know that they are enjoying home school, but even if they were unsure, I know that it is what God has lead us to do. And until I hear otherwise I am going to keep trucking.

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