Wednesday, December 10, 2014

new beds for the little girls

While we were in Maryland for Thanksgiving we made a trip to IKEA to buy new beds for the little girls room.  My neighbor is in the Navy and has to stay on the ship every 4 nights for duty.  For the last year or so her little girl has been staying with us when her mom has duty.  She was not yet 2 when we started watching her and was happy to sleep in the pack-n-play each night she was here, but she is about to turn 3 this month and the pac-n-play was getting a bit too cozy. 

Plus, this tiny room was even smaller with a twin bed, a crib, and a pac-n-play in it.  I knew we were not ready for traditional  bunk beds yet, but the IKEA Kura bed seemed like the perfect solution.

We put them together last week and the the girls have been happily sleeping in their new beds and LOVING all the play room they have in the room now!  We were even able to pull most of the play kitchen down from the attic - something Addie has been asking to do for awhile now.

And last night I finally finished the binding on Addie's Briar Rose rainbow quilt!  I am so pleased with how this turned out!  My quilting skills are definitely improving and the binding was not half the nightmare I remembered it being after watching a few tutorials online.
For those who are interested, I used this pattern as my basis but altered it (changed the square size and added rows and other fabrics from the Briar Rose line) to make it fit a twin bed.

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