Friday, June 12, 2015


A month ago we recruited some friends to come help move the coop into place.  I only had a few more things left to do, like building and hanging doors and painting the inside, but then we went away for two weeks, and when we got home it rained for a whole week!

This week I was finally able to get outside and finish up the coop...

I still need to build the run and put rungs on the ramp, but the coop is finally livable!

This is the best the inside of this coop is ever gonna look :)

All ready for the chicks!

Today was the day...

What is in those boxes?

Our chicks!  We got three tiny chicks, less than a week old. One Golden Comet, one Barred Rock, and one Rhode Island Red...

And 3 bigger chicks. Two Americanas,

and one Buff Orpington.

The kids can not stay away!  any excuse to go check on the chickens :)

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