Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Noodle Nose

Today we had spaghetti for lunch. I know, your are wondering why I am sharing this bit of information.... Well, it seems that Tallulah has another runny nose and somehow in the course of eating her Spaghetti this afternoon, she managed to get a noodle in her nose! Of course I did not realize it until after she woke up crying from a very brief nap. Poor thing. If you or I had a noodle in our nose, it would be a situation easily remedied, but for a 20 month old, not so. I spent most of the afternoon trying to figure out how to get the noodle out. It just kept slipping in and out of her nose and every time I tried to grab it, she would inadvertently sniff it back up! I tried getting her to blow, I tried covering the other nostril and using the bulb syringe, I even tried grabbing it with tweezers, all to no avail, it was just too slippery!
After dinner, Phil jokingly suggested getting the shop vac and sucking it out and that is when it came to me... I pulled out the small canister vac (of course I tried this on myself before I did it to my baby) and just two sucks and it was out! The picture above is of a noodle free Talullah, much happier now!

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