Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Laughter on the road...

We spent a lot of time in the car last week. Driving to Maryland, visiting friends and family, going to my favorite stores (Ikea) that we no longer live near. Last Thursday we went to visit my sister, Becky, in Annapolis. Somehow, on our way home my mom and I were not paying attention and ended up almost to Baltimore, oops! Anyway, it made for an extra long trip which meant more time for car-ride silliness. Here are some of the things that happened on this memorable ride home...

Max was singing a preschool song as we rode along. His version went something like this "every day has 7 days..." Of course everyone in the car had to explain to him that a day can't have 7 days and it was supposed to be "every week has 7 days". The discussion went on for awhile, Max all the while insisting that his way was right. After a few moments of this Max announced very definitively, "Alright, we are done with the discussion!" I wonder where he go that from? :) Meanwhile, Tallulah is sitting in her car seat with her fingers in her ears singing "lalalala, I can't hear you, lalalala, I can't hear you" over and over!
Shortly after this, we were driving through Burtonsville and decided to stop at the Dutch Farm market for soft pretzels. While we were waiting in line, Regan asked me why the girls were wearing dresses and bonnets, I gave some generic answer like, "they are Mennonite and they were dresses and cover their heads". As we were getting back in the car we were discussing how these were the best soft pretzels (think Annie's at the mall, only better) Jokingly I said "maybe we should become Mennonite so that we can get the secret recipe" to which Regan replied very seriously, "No! I don't want to wear dresses and bonnets all the time! And Max, Daddy and Micah probably don't want to wear dresses and bonnets either!" We all got a good laugh at this, especially trying to picture Phil in a dress and bonnet!

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