Thursday, January 22, 2009

kids ideas on making some extra money

At lunch today the kids and I were talking about the possibility of Max and Tallulah both going to preschool next year, but that in order for that to happen Mommy and Daddy were going to have to find some way to make some extra money to pay for two kids in preschool. The kids quickly chimed in with some great ideas for how we could make some extra cash...
Regan is going to start babysitting (any one interested in a 7 year old babysitter?) and Max suggested that Daddy should start busking... well he did not use that word, he said Daddy should "play music and put out a jar for people to throw money into."
So, no worries, with these plans implemented we should have no problem coming up with the money to pay tuition for the two of them! lol!

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Anonymous said...


Why would you send them to school? Just curious.


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