Tuesday, January 13, 2009

i can cross these off my crafting to do list!

My friend Heather asked if I could make art books (like I made for my kids for Christmas) for her boys. I finally got them put together tonight, plus a couple extra that I can't decide if I should list them on Etsy or hold on to them for birthday presents? If I do put them on Etsy, I need a better name for them... any ideas?

For Heather's Boys

Because I couldn't pass up the fabric! =)


Heather said...

They are just beautiful...I am so, so excited. Thank you so much for blessing us and making these for us. I hope you received my card in the mail. Thanks again!

The Stackler Clan said...

ohhhh, I LOVE the Owls! So cute!

Leslie said...

those are awesome!


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