Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I know we've been home for a week now, and I am a bit late in posting these pictures, but here is a brief picture summary of our trip home. I don't have very many pictures because my camera's auto focus has been acting up :(

There were pony rides,
visits with good friends,

and Thanksgiving crafting and feasting.

We went Christmas tree cutting...
(yes, I know it a bit crazy to cut our Christmas tree down 250 miles from our house, but it is a family tradition, and they don't grow "real" Christmas trees down here).

And Addie was baptized. (Sorry for the bad picture, it's the only one I attempted with my finicky camera, my s-i-l took pictures and I have not gotten them from her yet).
It was lots of fun to see family and friends, but as you can see the week went by in a flurry of activities and we did not get to do and see all we had hoped... so, if we missed seeing you this visit, we'll catch you next time we are up!

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Courtney said...

thinking about your christmas tree traveling 250 miles strapped to the top of your van (I am guessing it was on the top and that you didn't make the kids hold/cuddle it on the inside) just made me smile. Then the thought of traveling 250 miles with the tree on top made me think of the Griswolds going to get their tree. :-)


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