Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Ever have those times were you just don't seem to have anything to say? I guess that's how I've been feeling recently. I realized yesterday that I had pictures still on my camera from over a week ago and my M-I-L called the other night to make sure we were alright since I had not blogged in a week! Rest assured, we are all well. Just trying to slow down a bit and focus on getting the essentials done.
Today we are having a new door put in on the back of our house.
The old one was leaking and I recently found something growing through base trim of the stationary side of the door (only the door on the right opens).

Here's what was growing through the door. It was a pretty funny discovery.
Our new door is plant free (yay!).

Hopefully I will be back here sooner, rather than later! Happy Wednesday to you all!

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