Thursday, October 27, 2011

dance recital

Tallulah has been taking ballet at the YMCA this fall.  Last Saturday they had a small recital at the mall.  Her class danced to Halloween is Coming (sorry, I could not find a good link to the song).  They were pretty cute. Here are a few pics for your enjoyment...

This experience has been so different (and much better for the current craziness of life) from our studio dance class experiences of the past.  Very laid back, inexpensive and low key.  Plus I get to work out while Lulu is in class! (before  we started ballet and homeschool PE at the Y I was finding it hard to squeeze in a work out even a couple days a week- now we are there 3 afternoons and I can finally get in my workout guilt free!)

P.S.  I am really trying to get back here more regularly, but I have been struggling to juggle everything life has been sending our way these past two months!  I am hoping and praying that things are slowing down a bit... This week has been the closest thing to a "normal" week we've had since we stated school in September!

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Grammy said...

Loved the pictures!


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