Saturday, November 5, 2011

glass studio

My parents came down for a quick visit this week and surprised us by bringing one of my nephews, Joseph, with them! Yesterday we decided to to check out the Chrysler Museum's new Glass Studio- they are having free demonstrations and performances all week for the grand opening.
The safety goggles were a big hit...
Even Adelaide kept hers on for awhile!

But the real attraction was Skitch Manion (a glass artist from Philly) and his team.  They were making a replica of the Cape Henry lighthouse.  We did not stay for the whole performance (it was really interesting but for the littles it was hot and slow moving) which lasted about 3 hours, I think, but what we did see was really neat.  In the end the lighthouse was to be 36 inches tall- the largest thing that had ever been made in this studio, and really about the largest that could be made as "The Glory Hole" (the main furnace) is only 38 inches deep!  Here are a few pictures of what we did see...

This last picture isn't that great, but if you look closely you can see how they have stretched out that black and white cylinder from the second picture to make the body of the light house.  As we were leaving they were blowing it to make it larger!
They said that in the end, because this piece is so large, it would have to sit in a special cooling oven for a week or longer before it would be finished and ready to display!  I totally wish we could have stayed and watched the whole thing- it was so fascinating!  I just might have to save my penny's and go take a glass blowing class at the new Glass Studio!

I am off to another craft show... hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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