Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Last night we trick or treated with some good friends in their neighborhood.  It was a beautiful night and we brought home at least two years worth of candy per person!  I've sorted out the good stuff (chocolate) and that filled my trifle bowl to the brim!  There is another bowl full of skittles and starbursts and at least 3 gallons of nerds, dum-dums, sweet tarts and the like!  Any body need some candy?

Regan went as Pippi Longstocking... we realized when we got home that we had been in such a rush we forgot her freckles!  Oh, well, she looked pretty cute anyway!

Tallulah was Minnie Mouse.

This was the only costume I made- Mega Mind. The cape was from a Halloween costume I made a few years ago.  I sewed the lightning bolt onto a shirt we already had and made the pants with the leftover fabric from the cape.  The head is an old t-shirt-turned crazy skull cap, stuffed with poly-fil.  His face is still blue today :)

Max was a rock-star- if I had been more organized I would have made him a cardboard guitar to carry, but that just did not happen.

I really wanted to make this costume for Adelaide, but I was not feeling well over the weekend and she looked pretty darn cute in this bunny costume... Regan wore this costume 8 years ago- crazy!

And just because I couldn't resist another picture of this cutie...  She loved her first trick or treating experience- carried her bucket to every door, and smiled as we went from house to house :)

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