Thursday, September 13, 2012


Regan turned 11 yesterday.  We are getting scary close to having a teenager in the house!  Time is flying by so fast.  Life is a bit crazy around here these days, and out of the few pictures I got yesterday most involve Regan making a goofy face... she's gonna love me for posting this one :)
Last year she begged me all winter to buy her more jeggings every time we were in Target.  Grammy got her two new pair... I wish I looked as cute as she does in jeggings :)

After lunch we picked up a couple friends and headed to the bowling alley for their homeschool open house.  I forgot my camera, so these phone photos are a bit blurry.

Addie loved it- she got excited every time she pushed the ball down the ramp and said "I did it!"

Even Emmy had a good time.

We ended the day with peanut butter ice cream pie, yummy!
Happy Birthday, Regan!

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