Tuesday, September 4, 2012

major progress

We spent the long weekend trying to put a big dent in our sub-floor painting experiment (that we started almost a year ago!).

We moved everything from the school/craft/dining room end of the great-room to the "living-room"...

there was a LOT of stuff in that half of the room! 

Sweet Emmaline slept in her swing most of the day :)

We tore out the rest of the carpet and puttied the cracks...

painted the walls (everyone helped with this project)

then primed and painted the sub-floors!  Of course we only painted about 1/3 of the floor...

but we can just look at this picture and pretend the whole room is finished :)
Tomorrow we start moving the furniture back!

1 comment:

Dora, the Quilter said...

That has to be a great feeling.
(I have a small house and absolutely hate having to cram stuff together to create something new--and I don't have children involved!)
It looks so nice and will certainly be motivating when you do the other parts.


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