Tuesday, December 11, 2012

catch up

Here is where the kids have found Tommy 3 of the past 4 mornings (I totally forgot, and left him sitting on the shelf Sunday night, oops!)

There has been a little bit of running around and a lot of mess making around here the last few days.  I am sewing aprons for my last craft show this Saturday, as well as trying to squeeze in some Christmas sewing.  I keep meaning to take pictures to post, but it just has not happened.  I am also trying to decide what to do about the fact that Blogger is not allowing me to upload my pictures without exporting them from iPhoto and making them smaller... my non-technically-savvy-self is dreading the idea of trying to move my blog, Why can't Blogger just work the way it is supposed to?

I am off to hide my elf!  Maybe one of these days I will actually have something interesting to post!

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