Monday, November 4, 2013


I just got back from the fabric store a little bit ago.  I bought something like 26 yards of Christmas fabric for two craft parties I am trowing this month.  We will be making fabric covered wreaths (a quick search on Pinterest will give you all sorts of inspiration for these wreaths).  Next I get to cut all this fabric into 2 inch strips and press them in half :)

So, here is the bummer... over the weekend I made up a sample wreath and was planning to sit down tonight and make some more flowers to put on it, but, long story short, the wreath got dropped one to many times pre-decorating and when is slipped out of my hands this afternoon and hit the wood floors this happened :(
So,  now I've got to get another wreath and start all over.  Well, at least I am getting some good practice at wreath wrapping :)

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amy said...

bumm bumm bummer


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