Sunday, December 1, 2013

christmas tree time!

We went to Home Depot yesterday to get our Christmas tree.

I was having a hard time getting everyone to participate in this photo op... That's Micah hiding behind the tree and Addie is pretending like she's not a part of our family at all! 
Right after I took this picture, Max ripped the butt of his shorts open (from hem to waist!) on a nail while climbing down from the fence he was on!  Luckily it wasn't too cold outside so he tied his jacket around his waist to cover the unfortunate mishap! lol.

We were actually able to get the tree up and decorated before dinner.  It is a bit top heavy on the ornaments due to one very curious toddler who can't seem to keep her hand to herself.  We will see how well those ornaments that are in her reach fair over the next few weeks!

The kids found Tommy joy riding in Addie's shopping cart this morning.  I wonder what kind of trouble he will get into tonight!?

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