Wednesday, December 4, 2013

great wolf lodge

Before Thanksgiving we met up with the kid's cousins (and aunt and uncle) at the Great Wolf Lodge for a few days of water slide fun :)
Everyone had a great time.  The big kids went down the Tornado something like 36 times!
There was much debate over weather it was more fun in the dark (at night) or when you could see where you were going.  I think it was a 50/50 split, but between you and me, it was MUCH more exciting in the dark :)

It wouldn't be vacation (for me) if I didn't get a little sewing in... yes, I brought my sewing machine and this new stack of fat quarters.  I started a new purse for myself, sewing and watching HGTV while Emmaline napped.  I finished up the purse the other night.  I'll post picture of it soon!

Adelaide got hurt while we were at GWL (don't worry, nothing major) and they gave her this stuffed wolf at the first aid station.  Her brother bought her the tiny hedge hog in the gift shop and she's been sleeping with them both every night since we got home. 

Here's the motley crew all together just before we left to come home.
Can't wait til next time :)

*I had this post all written yesterday, but somehow forgot to post it!  Anyway- this is where we found Tommy yesterday morning- scaling the advent calendar!

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