Friday, March 21, 2014

one project done

After years of talking about creating some sort of divider between the "boys room" and the "laundry room" we've finally done it!  And it only took one day, two bookcases, and a curtain! Now the boys have a defined space as there room with a door curtain to give them some privacy!  My laundry area is a little dark now, I will have to get a light to hang over that side of the room, but otherwise we all love how it turned out!
I meant to take before pictures but in the excitement of shelf building I forgot. This post probably has the most recent pictures of the garage for comparison.  I only have a few things left to put away in the dining room and I will have picture of that too... that is if Emmy will ever let me put her down and finish cleaning up!  For some reason she is only happy in my arms this afternoon!

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