Tuesday, March 18, 2014

road trip

Two of my good friends and I took a road trip over the weekend.  I pulled all but one row of seats out of Big Blue and we drove 3 hours to the nearest IKEA.  My mom met us there and the four of us shopped the afternoon away.

I think we ended up with a combined 13 book shelves and at least 5 of those big blue bags filled with IKEA goodies.  This is us and our stuff after 5+ hours and two trips through the store :)

And here is my mama.  Have I ever told you all how awesome she is?  Not only did she shlep through IKEA with us all afternoon, but she still came home with me, even after I told her that multiple kids had thrown up that morning!  She's here all week and has been helping me assemble shelves, and dig through and organize all my crafting stuff. 
And in case you are wondering about this picture, Addie had my camera and said she wanted to take a picture of Grammy, I leaned in hoping to get a shot of the two of us, but I guess Addie was serious when she said she wanted to take a picture of Grammy, she cut me right out of the frame!

Anyway, this is what we've accomplished so far.  If you could have seen the complete chaos that was my craft space before we started... I am loving the new space!  I'll post more pictures once it's all complete.

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