Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas in Maryland

So, our travels are all over and we are glad to finally be settled in at home for while. It has been a great couple of weeks though, getting to visit with family and being a part of of Paula's wedding on December 15th and also attending the wedding of some good friends the Saturday before Christmas. Here are some pictures of our time at Grammy and Poppy's for Christmas.
Here are the kids in their new PJ's on Christmas Eve in front of Grammy's Christmas Tree. Since we were traveling so much this year we did not get a live tree, but just had a three foot artificial tree instead. So, that in mind, it was nice to have a real tree to put our presents under on Christmas morning.

Tallulah was enamored with the big Christmas Tree (she liked our little one too).

She is just so cute, I can hardly stand it!

Regan, Micah and Max Christmas morning, waiting patiently to open their gifts!

Lulu playing peak-a-boo with her new hooded towel.

Max with his much anticipated Fire truck. He also got a fire fighter costume, a fire truck puzzle and some fire fighter books, are you sensing a theme?

Micah with some of his Veggie Tale pirates. Anything Veggie Tales brings a smile to this boys face.

Lulu loved opening presents. None of the other kids really got it at this age, but Lulu couldn't get enough!

She has not quite figured out how to hold the phone, but she definitely knows what to do with it! "Hiii, Hiii, Hiii"

The pictures of Regan with her gifts did not turn out, but she got a (cheap) digital camera and within two days of getting the camera had already taken over 100 photos! We might have a budding photographer in our midst!
We got home in time for dinner on the 26th and are finally getting back into the swing of things. We officially started back to school today and everyone was excited for home school. Regan tells me often how much she loves home school and asks why I sent her to the public school (last year) where they have to stay all day and they don't learn about God! It is encouraging to know that they are enjoying home school, but even if they were unsure, I know that it is what God has lead us to do. And until I hear otherwise I am going to keep trucking.

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