Thursday, January 10, 2008

Funny things the kids have said this week...

Micah was supposed to be having a time out in his room the other day when he came walking into the living room.  When I asked him what he was doing out of his room he said "Tallulah said I could come out!"  Although it is quite possible that when Micah was 18 months old he could have said as much, Lulu is not that verbal. She takes after her brother Max with only a handful of words and most of them unintelligible!

The stomach flu has been making it's way through our family this week and Regan was the last to get it.  When I pulled out the Gatorade to give her some Micah said "My stomach just started to hurt again, can I have some Gatorade?"  It is reminiscent of a month after he got his cast off when he saw me giving Tallulah some Motrin and he said "My arm hurts, I need some Motrin!"

The kids say some great things, I really should write them down more often.  I know I have forgotten many already!  Thanks Sherri, for encouraging my to write it all down.

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Bronwen said...

What a cute bundle of people you have in you family! FUn to be able to see your house and hear about your days. xxo- Bronwen


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