Thursday, May 1, 2008

a new camera!

We finally did it! We bought a digital camera!
It has only taken me 2.5 years to finally finish the girls room and put these head boards to use that I made 3 years ago! Of course I decided a few weeks ago that now the beds need bed skirts, but that is going to have to wait :)

This is Lulu's Bed

The closet door opened into the door to the room, so we took it down and I made this curtain to hang instead.

This is Regan's bed. I made her quilt while I was pregnant with Max, it has fun pictures of children holding umbrellas and mountains with trains going through them and various strips of colored/patterned fabric.
I just finished the valance this week. I used seat cushions from Ikea that just happened to match the colors of the girls room perfectly! This is my first official mistreatment. Really, I have been mistreating for years, I just did not know it had a name! Anyway, I did a very poor hand stitching job to create loops for the rod to go through and used my hot glue gun to keep the flowers from "drooping". I think they turned out pretty cute!

Here are pictures of our classroom. The book cases were custom make my my F-I-L, Thanks Dad!

If you weren't sure, I like bright colors! The kids help me to design this space, and even helped with the painting (a little).


Jennifer said...

love, love, love the schoolroom!!!

Laura said...

Adorable girls room and super fun learning room!!!!

Jen said...

Oh my gosh, I LOOOVE the rooms! Esp. the headboard! Can you make one for Katie? Lol....

Anonymous said...

At first glance, I thought, "Beautiful! I could never do that!!" Then I saw that it all took you 2.5 years to put together, and thought, "That is exactly what I do!" I love it all. I'll have to post some photos of our years-long home projects. You can check us out at: I found you site on the KONOS loop.


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