Wednesday, June 24, 2009

a day late

I got delayed by illness (the kids, not me) yesterday and did not get anything done on my latest sewing project, but this morning I was determined to get it done... and I did! It is another Dress for Lulu, she loves it when mommy makes her a new dress and actually wears them, so I am happy to oblige :) This is the Portabellopixie Clair pattern. The directions were easy to follow and the dress was fairly simple, an easy afternoon project if you don't decide to embroider it like I did. So, on to the photos!

I turned my back on Tallulah for a minute while I was ironing and when I turned around, she was sitting at the table smiling at me wearing this, I guess she was so excited for her new dress she could not even wait for me to put it all together before she wore it :)
Lulu loves showing off her new dress, here is the finished embroidery, the pattern came from Nini Makes, I think from a giveaway she did awhile back.
gotta love the shoes/socks!


Jennifer said...

That dress is so sweet! Wishing I had your talent...

jen said...

must. have. the. pattern! SO FREAKING CUTE!


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