Saturday, June 20, 2009

a trip to walmart (alone)=some summer fun!

Today I snuck out to Walmart to pick up some poly-fil (I ran out mid project this morning) while Phil made lunch for the kids. It is always fun to wander the isles (of any store) and take everything in without little hands touching and little feet running to all the places they should not go! Along with my polyfil and white thread I also found this:
I am a sucker for a fun container, especially if it is metal or glass (only 6 bucks)!...

and this!

So, Micah could not seem to figure out how to get from his knees to his belly with out knocking the wind out of himself. We gave many pep talks and demo's from is brother and sister, but he refused to get it. You might find "refused" to be a funny word to use there, but if you know Micah, you understand... that boy is STUBBORN! (Can't imagine where he gets it from, lol!)

So he sulked...
Phil decided to help him out with some "flying" lessons.

And of course everyone else wanted a turn.
Flying was fun, but he'd already made up his mind... he couldn't do it, so he went back to sulking, he knows how to do that!

And this picture was just too cute to leave out!With the exception of Micah, everyone had a great time and after 50+ minutes of the slip and slide our front yard will never be the same! Ahh, summertime!

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Leslie said...

loving the you can see it in my blog as well. i have it on my counter, and i had intentions of using it for what it was labeled but i did not have an so for now it is holding vitamins.


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