Thursday, June 11, 2009


Tomorrow my friend Kim and I are driving to Richmond for the HEAV Convention. I am pretty excited about it. Tomorrow night we will be staying in a really plush hotel and ordering in room service (I love room service!) and we get to leave 8 of our 9 (collective) children home! Kim is still nursing, so the baby will be coming along, but I will be kid free.
I have had a growing pile of information (directions, maps, schedules, lists of vendors I want to check out and curriculum I need to purchase) next to my computer for weeks and this morning I finally sorted through it all. I've picked the workshops I want to attend, found where each of the vendors will be located in the exhibit hall and compiled a list of all the curricula I want to look at/purchase while there.
I posted a while back what I am thinking for this fall. I am still up in the air on a lot of it, part of me wants to just bag it all and go with a Konos in a box or bag unit, but I'm just not sure... There are some extenuating circumstances that will definitely impact my decision, more on that later. I am hoping that the convention will help me to firm up my choices and get me going in the right direction! I'm praying for wisdom and discernment this weekend!
Can't wait to tell you all about the convention when I get back! Now I just need to finish the laundry, pack, go to the Dr., get something for dinner and clean the house for bible study tonight!

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