Tuesday, June 29, 2010

keeping busy

doing a little sewing

check out the tutorial for this here

sorting through toys- the yard sale pile grows

reading through these while Regan is away- can we really be ready to talk about this stuff already?

thinking about Tallulah's birthday party in two weeks

Oh, and check out this fabric I found at the thrift store yesterday! I think it will make perfect fairy skirts for the party... and yes- it is that florescent and obnoxious in real life- Tallulah loves it :)
Time for a Sonic break- drinks are half price from 2-4pm -then back to that pile in the middle of my living room :)

1 comment:

tasha said...

oh my goodness, i can't believe you homeschool all 5! i have 5 too, but i have just been trying to homeschool my 13 yr old and it's not easy. i am impressed by you! i am debating if i should try one more year.

oh, we love Sonic half price drinks...I always get the Strawberry Limeade! mmmm!


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