Thursday, March 15, 2012

this week...

my parents were here and these are just a few random photos of some of the things that happened while they were here...

My mom brought me these super cute mushroom salt and pepper shakers...

and this great stash of thread on wooden spools :)

My sister and her family were staying at the Great Wolf Lodge and we met them for dinner in Yorktown- of course I brought my camera and only managed to take one picture!

Mom helped me organize my linen closet- a job I have been avoiding for quite awhile now. (thanks mom!)

I started working on end of the year gifts for the tutors at out CC co-op

and finished up this embroidery project.

My mom made a few headbands like these that I made for Lu's 4th birthday party (I love how cute they look on those ruffly headbands, don't you?)

And Micah got braces!

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