Monday, April 9, 2012

easter crafting

There was lots of behind the scenes crafting going on this Easter.  Regan put together Easter baskets for her dad and me- this owl purse was one of the many handmade goodies in those baskets.

I decoupaged this box for Regan- She has been admiring a hand painted jewelry box similar to this that was given to me as a wedding present for awhile now.  It was lots of fun to make.

I made Easter dresses for the girls... well,  dresses for Regan and Tallulah and a skirt for Addie.
(The dresses are the Mary sash dress and the Tallulah halter dress from Girl's World and the skirt is Dana's Market Skirt.)  I tried to get a picture of them wearing their outfits yesterday, but Addie would have non of it...

as I matter of fact I think this is the only picture I got with her in it, facing the camera, and not screaming!

The other big sewing project was new hooded towels for all the kids.  You can see Addie did not want to participate in this picture either, that orange towel between Tallulah and Regan is hers.

I've been enjoying all the crafting and sewing going on around here the last few weeks.  It always feels good to be doing something creative on a regular basis!

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