Thursday, May 31, 2012

sewing for me

I just finished my first (and probably my last) ever laminate sewing project.  I found this cute Strawberry Fields laminate fabric 50% off at a couple weeks ago and quickly order 2 yards before it was all gone.  After all the sewing for other people I've been doing lately I decided it was time to sew something for myself.  My mom and I found the pattern for this tote bag in the $2.99 pattern section at Joann's and I thought it might make a good diaper bag.  In the end it may be a bit too big for a diaper bag- at least for me- I prefer a smaller bag- but it is still a fun, water proof tote bag!

As far as sewing with laminate goes- I think a simpler design might have been easier- and to complicate things I lined the bag with the laminate too, witch only made the whole process more challenging.  I tried the tips I read on line about using masking tape on the bottom of your sewing foot, but did not really find it helpful- the tape just peeled off onto the fabric.   There is a lot of puckering on lower inside loop of the handle- that top stitching was probably the hardest part.  At the end of the day, I am glad to be done with this bag so that I can move onto something a bit more fun to sew!


Jess said...

Very cute!

Kellie said...

The bag looks great. I don't suppose you would ever create these for your etsy shop.

amy said...

This is not my pattern, so I don't know that I can make them to sell. I do have some other bags I hope get in the shop this week though.


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