Monday, May 28, 2012

where has may gone?

I can't believe it is the end of May and this is only my 6th post for the month!  Pretty pitiful, although not totally surprising.  I tend to get a little quiet and antisocial when I am pregnant, especially toward the end.  I've got 9 weeks left and am already getting comments like "you look like your ready to have that baby any day now!"  Which I guess is better than the "Nine weeks?  You're huge!" that you know they are thinking, lol! 

Anyhoo, I just finished up a custom bunting order for a wedding.  The order included 10 different lengths of scalloped bunting ranging from 5-18 feet long and totaling about 100 feet!
(Don't you love my new chicken tray up there?  Picked it up at Homegoods while we were visiting my family in MD a few weeks ago... if I can't have chickens in my back yard, at least I can have them in my kitchen :)

This is a mini version of my standard size scallop that will go over the bride and grooms chairs and their menu board.
I really am going to try to be more faithful about posting.  It just seems like the last few weeks have had us running around like crazy and I've hardly picked up my camera let alone found any time to sit down and blog!  Hope you all are enjoying your long weekend- I know I have enjoyed a weekend of just staying home with the family!

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