Wednesday, March 27, 2013

would you put the camera down and get me clean already, mom!

I am not sure if I've every talked about how Addie does not like to be dirty.  It's pretty extreme, her dislike for anything messy...I mean to the point of eating donuts (and most other foods the rest of the world eats with their hands) with a fork.  Well, last Friday, just when she was starting to feel better, she asked to go play outside.  Max and Tallulah were in the back yard, so I sent her out to play with them.  What I did not know, was that they had filled a large hole they had been digging with water.  At some point Max decided it would be fun to throw a cinder block into the mud pit... while Addie was standing right in front of the hole.  I was sure someone was seriously injured when I heard the screams from the back yard... but instead this is what I found when I stepped onto the deck.

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