Friday, March 29, 2013


The day started early and ended late-every moment full.  It was a day of lasts... Our last day of CC for the year, Regan's last proof for Memory Master (she did it!) and the Last Supper.  The morning and afternoon were a flurry of activity, to and from CC and all the celebrations of another year completed in between.  Then we rushed through dinner and off to church to celebrate the Last Supper.

Adelaide cried when I left her for the 3rd time yesterday.  The first and second "leavings" were expected, but the 3rd was just too much for her.  Later when I asked her why she cried she replied, "because you goed."  There will be no going without Addie today and I expect there will be lots of snuggling.

As the pain of a long day crept into my back last night I sat on the couch with my heating pad and blanket and began to wind.  As my fingers quickly twisted my thread, my thoughts slowly unwound.
I could finally put some order to my day (and to my thread box) and start to remember why and what it is we celebrate this Easter Season.  Hoping these next three days will be filled with remembering, celebrating, and giving thanks for the greatest gift ever given.

I finished the embroidery at the top earlier this week.  I bough the pattern here.

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