Wednesday, August 28, 2013

catch up

Since my last post I have buried myself in school prep.  Lesson plans for CC...
Science notebooks for the kids in my class.
All bound and ready to pass out next week!
Making a tri-fold dry erase board for my classroom.
Copying, dividing by week, and putting the kids work into binders so I can easily pull it out at the beginning of each week.
Updating our weekly checklists.
And drinking lots of this (recipe below) as a pick me up to...
give me the energy to get through this mess! (this picture is from last night. I almost had the table clean this morning when Regan started a craft project and covered half the table with paper scraps!)
In a 24 oz cup mix:
2 tsp Braggs raw apple cider vinegar
juice from 1 lemon (or about 1 TBSP lemon juice)
2 packets of Stevia

Add 1/2 cup frozen fruit and 1/2 lime
Fill with ice
Add water and shake.
I got this recipe from one of the directors at tutor training and have been drinking it every day since- it's really tasty (The first time I sipped at it, getting used to the apple cider vinegar taste, but I quickly grew to love it!) 

I'll be back soon with pictures from the last two craft camps and our school lineup for this year!

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