Monday, August 12, 2013

ghetto kitchen re-model

So, we've been having some fridge drama for the last month or so.  We recently replaced our teeny, poorly working fridge with a new one.  I did tons of research trying to find the the perfect fridge to fit in our kitchen- the space available was smaller than a standard sized fridge.  I though I had found the best fridge for our space but we kept having problems with our produce freezing and ice cream melting and after several unsuccessful attempts at fixing it, I was done.  After a week of phone calls and visits to Lowes they finally agreed to replace the fridge, even though I think it technically needed one more repair to be declared a "lemon".  When I went back in to pick out our new, new fridge we found a great model on sale for just the right price- only one problem.  It was 2.75" larger than the space available- so, me being the crazy person I am decided to buy the fridge anyway and make it work.  So I went home and chopped the edge of our counter off!
The fridge came two days later and it just fit into the space! 
It is a bit of a tight fit and I need to make a few small adjustments still to make it work for us but now I am itching to tear out the cabinets and finally finish re-doing the kitchen!  Not too likely that that will happen any time soon, but a girl can dream :)

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