Thursday, August 8, 2013


Regan and I were at gymnastics last night when the hubby called and said the neighbors house was on fire. Class was almost over, so I gabbed Regan and we headed home right away.  This was the scene when we got home.  We had to park around the block and walk to our neighborhood.   There were at least 5 fire trucks and an ambulance.
Everyone made it out of the house with only minor burns and the fire fighters were able to get the fire under control quickly.  My husband said he though the house was going to be burned to the ground because the fire was so big on the side closest to our house.
You can see a little bit of the damage, and how close it was to our house here, but really this picture (taken in the dark last night) does not do it justice.  The fire started in the kitchen but once it got into the attic it spread through the whole house.
When I woke up this morning, for a second, I though last night was all just a part of a bad dream, but then I realized it was not.  For us it was a crazy night with lots of action and little sleep, but for our neighbors it was a life altering evening.  If you think about them, please pray for God's peace to cover them and for the whole process of rebuilding not only their home, but everything else that was lost last night (both physical and emotional).

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