Tuesday, October 22, 2013

boing, boing, boing

Regan and Tallulah have been saving up for a trampoline for awhile now.  They were about $100 away from having enough for the trampoline they wanted when the BJ's holiday toy catalog came in the mail last Thursday.  I hadn't even seen the catalog when the girls brought it to me saying "Mom, mom, the trampoline we want is on sale!"  So after we added up their trampoline fund $ and I gave them their allowance they were just $21 short.  I knew if we did not jump on the deal right away, we would miss out- so I forked out the extra $ and the next morning we headed to BJ's to buy a trampoline!

I had planned to let the hubby put the trampoline together over the weekend, but since I have no resolve, I ended up putting it together Friday afternoon (with the help of the boys, of course).

and some help from Addie too :)

While we worked, Lulu napped in the box.

We won't talk about all the mishaps that occurred during the assembly process, or the fact that it took us 5 hours to finish.  There has been lots of happy jumping since, and that is what really matters :)

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