Monday, October 21, 2013

i'm still here...

Wow, how has it really been nearly a month since my last post?  I miss blogging and really hope to be back here more often!  So, I am going to do a little catch up posting this week- try and document some of what has been happening around here the past few weeks!

My parents came to visit a couple of weeks ago.  It was their last trip out in the RV before winter.  When we moved away from the DC area, one of my dad's requirements was that we find a house with a driveway big enough for the RV to park in.  Lucky for him (and us too) our driveway ended up to be the perfect length for their coach.  It is pretty nice for them to bring their home with them when the come to visit- instead of cramming into our little house with all the noise and chaos.

We were lucky to have them stay for a full 5 days this time, but not so lucky to have it rain the WHOLE time they were here (boo!)  My mom had brought stuff for s'mores but when it became clear we were not going to get a dry night to roast marshmallows by the camp fire, we ended up standing under the umbrella on the deck, while we roasting them over the camp stove.
I love to roast marshmallows and am actually pretty good at getting the nice golden brown color, but I don't eat them, so instead I roast them for all the impatient roasters in the family who always catch their marshmallows on fire :)

Regan has been asking for a beam in the back yard (and bars, and mats, and a trampoline) for forever.  My dad had planned to make her one earlier in the summer, but ended up not being able to come visit with my mom, so it got put on hold until this visit.  Here's Lulu showing off her stuff on the new beam :)

Last year the hubby's brother (and fam) bought a new (to them) house.  This chandelier was hanging in their new dinning room and for some reason they did not want it- needless to say, I was more than happy to have their cast offs.  It's been in storage for a few months, because it needed to be re-wired, but my dad rewired it and hung it while they were here.
It's hard to take a good picture of it, but is is super fun and sparkly :)  It is also significantly brighter than our previous light- so much so we had to install a dimmer!

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