Friday, January 24, 2014

i didn't mean to be gone so long!

We spent 10 days in Maryland just before Christmas.  I had planned to blog while we were there, but then it didn't happen and when we got home, on Christmas Eve, I got sick... and then the rest of the family got sick, and then we all got sick again, and some of us got sick a third time, Ugh! So, a month later we are all finally feeling better and I am ready to start blogging again! 

Here are just a handful of photos from our time in MD...

Tommy came along with us and got into all sorts of trouble at Grammy's house.  Here he is hanging with the Ladies in the doll cabinet :)

Emmy loved to climb up in this rocker. I have countless photos of her sitting in it.  The painting in the back ground is one my grandfather painted of my dad sitting in that same rocker when he was a boy.  Because of where the painting is hanging it was hard to capture this photo the way I really wanted to... 

There is much debate about weather Regan looks more like me or her father... what do you think?

No bathtub at Grammy's, but the kitchen sink is plenty big enough :)

There were lots of presents...

And a whole day spent with the family.  This is all the Grand kids.  We are finally adding some more girls to the group with two of my nephews getting married this summer!

We spent an afternoon decorating ginger bread houses with good friends.
The month before we left for MD was a whirlwind of craziness, so it was really nice to relax and visit with family for a week... and then spend some more time "relaxing" when we got home and all had fevers :)  More about our extended winter break soon! 

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