Thursday, January 30, 2014

snow day

We woke up yesterday morning to this (some areas near us had 10 inches!)

We started off our snow day with donuts...
yummy :)

Then bundled up to head outside.  Emmy was fine, as long as I did not set her down - if I did, this was the result :(

Sled rides from Max - Emmy didn't cry for this.

In case you are wondering where I got a 7th child from, this is a neighbors little girl.  She stays with us when her mom has duty on the ship.

Addie chillin' in the sled while I pull and try and take photos over my shoulder.

Homemade play dough!  I have not made this since Regan and Micah were little, but on a pre-storm grocery trip I decided we needed some extra entertainment for the next few days.

As predicted, here the kids are making their own sledding hill (The saddest part about 7 inches of snow in our neighborhood is the lack of hills for sledding)

Another make-shift sledding hill :)

The littlest ones just watched in the afternoon. 
Schools (and almost everything else) are closed again today, and I image Friday too (We don't know what to do with a little snow here in southern Virginia let alone 6+ inches!)  That should mean a very productive few days at home, right?

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