Sunday, July 13, 2014

tides game

Friday night we went to a Tides double header with our church. It was lots of fun. 

As you can see, the stadium was not very crowded, so the kids could run around as much as they liked.

Pretty sure these two didn't watch 30 seconds of the game!
They were trying to catch peanuts, not foul balls :)

 About half way through the first game our group went up to the picnic area for a cookout.  There was a nice big green space for the kids to run and play and plenty of food for everyone.  It was a great place to enjoy the rest of game one, which lasted 4 hours!  The last inning was a nail bitter and of course I heard the screams of the crowed from the bathroom (which is a place I visited far too often with my soda drinking 4 year old!) when the Tides scored the winning run!  Oh, well, at least they won :)  We didn't stick around for the second game, which lasted another 4 hours and didn't end until 1:23am!

I know I've been really delinquent on blog posting.  I have not been taking too many pictures, since I only have a zoom lens for my camera right now, so not so much to post.  We are getting ready to start work on the kitchen remodel in the next couple weeks, so I will be sure to post pictures of the progress.

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