Sunday, July 27, 2014

we have too much stuff

Except for a short vacation with the hubby's family, the past two weeks have been filled with packing up every shelf and cabinet in our kitchen and great room.  I am forever grateful to my mom, who came down with my dad two weeks ago and spent 3 full days packing boxes and moving furniture!  I don't know how I could have gotten all this stuff packed without her!  Thanks Mom (and Dad too for replacing faucets and pulling up baseboards)!

Demo is scheduled to start tomorrow, so here is one last look at the (messy) kitchen as it is now.  The first thing they will be doing (after tearing out the current cabinets) will be taking down that wall on the left if this picture.  That will open the kitchen up to the great room.

The range is switching places with the sink and dishwasher and where the wall is being removed I will then have a 9.5' x 4' peninsula.

Since we are gaining room to sit at the peninsula we are downsizing our kitchen table and will be putting a small counter height table in front of the windows.

The wall where the dresser is now will be getting 6 feet of cabinets that are designed to look like a hutch.  I am not sure yet whether or not I will be able to keep my board and batten... I hope so!  Oh, and that patch of blue/green on the wall beside the window is my new wall color, Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue.

Here are just some of the boxes filled with my sewing/crafting supplies... then there are all the kitchen boxes and the nick-nacks and books and...  too much stuff!

Remember how my mom came a few month ago and helped me put those new craft shelves together and organize all my stuff?  Well, lucky her, she got to pack all that stuff up and this is what it looks like now.

That's my temporary kitchen there on the right.

And that is my new floor piled behind the futon, 1000 square feet of carbonized bamboo :)
More pictures soon!

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