Thursday, July 31, 2014

happy birthday emmy! (and more kitchen pictures)

Emmy turned two today!  She started the day opening her one present (because what on earth could a two year old with 5 older siblings possibly want or need that they don't already have?)

She was pretty excited about her Minnie Mouse and has taken her along everywhere we've gone today.  I love how easy it is to please a two year old :)
She wasn't so sure about blowing out the candles on the cake, but she sure did like eating it.
Happy Birthday, Emmy!  You truly are a light and a joy to our family and everyone who knows you!

And here is what the kitchen looks like tonight - wall down, beam installed and electrical and drywall work begun :)

So far we are loving the open space and how much brighter the house is!  They are scheduled to template for the counters on Monday so the lower cabinets should be in before the weekend is over!

And if you are wondering what the kids do while all this work is going on... they've taken over my bedroom where the computer and TV are temporarily residing.  Actually, we've been out every morning this week, so it's just been afternoons spent like this:

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