Monday, April 6, 2015

it's official...

We got our chicken permit last week and the kids and I took advantage of the nice weather and got started on our chicken coop!  Between feeding the baby, trying to do at least some schoolwork, and driving kids to extra curricular activities our progress is slow, but we are having fun :)

I spent many hours scouring the internet looking for coop inspiration and finally decided I liked the size and style of this coop.  So after studying the pictures and deciding what changes I wanted to make I drew up my plans and made my supply list.

After 3 hours in Home Depot we had our supplies.  It took us another whole afternoon just to get everything unloaded and organized!

Everybody helped prime the wood after I measured and cut our framing pieces.  I thought Tallulah was taking pictures of the whole process, but it turns out she only took a few, and they were random pictures of supplies and me cutting the wood - except the only thing in the picture is my hands holding the saw!  Oh, well!

Max helped my put the base together Friday afternoon and we are trying to get outside this afternoon to work a little more before the rain comes tomorrow!
I'll share more pictures of our progress soon :)

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