Tuesday, February 10, 2009

in stiches

Yesterday I crocheted my first granny square and my first flower! I am totally addicted to crocheting and I think that granny square blankets might lead to my undoing!
Both of the patterns came from Attic24, a new favorite on my blog list! The flower pattern is written in US terms, but the Summer Garden granny square pattern is written in UK terms, so be careful to read all her instructions thoroughly before beginning!

I am thinking it might be fun to combine the two somehow and have a blanket with flowers stitched onto some of the squares. I will have to play with it a bit and see what I can come up with.

I had to post one more picture of my Happy Stacker taken in better light. It is hard to tell from looking at the photo, but this is actually a very large toy. It is at least 12" tall and the bottom ring is 8.5" wide.
I've got an ungodly amount of laundry to wash, sort, fold and put away... Max is still in his PJ pants, not because there are no clean pants, but because he can't find them in all the laundry mess that is taking over my living room! Hopefully I can dig my way out before the day ends!

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