Friday, February 27, 2009

the tabernacle

I thought we would never finish this in time, but today we buckled down and determined to get it done... and here it is! I wish that we had more time for this unit. I feel like we spent so much time making and not enough talking about what it all means. I have thought about carrying this over into our next unit, but we might just revisit this again when the kids are a bit older and might understand it all a bit more. It has been a fun project and I am sure that the kids got something out of it all :)

Here are two of the four layers that cover the inner courts.

The Holy Place where the Golden Lampstand, the Table of Showbread and the Altar of Incense resided.

The Arc of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies

The Inner Courts

The Gate, the only way into the Tabernacle.

The Outer Courts with the Brazen Alter (and sacrifice) and the Bronze Laver where the priest washed themselves before meeting with God.


Sherri said...

Joseph would like to borrow your tabernacle for school Monday, they are studying the same thing! He said he wished he was there when you made it!

chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

this is incredible!

His Girl said...

wow! that IS incredible! well done!

Leslie said...

that is fabulous, absolutely fabulous. You guys did a realy amazing job

Jennifer said...

ok... that is amazing!

Beverly said...

Are you doing Konos? This looks a lot like our tabernacle that we did with Konos a few years ago. We still have it, too! It was a wonderful unit. Yours looks AWESOME!

amy said...


Yes! We are doing Konos. This is our first year and we are having a blast!

Cheryl said...

This came out awesome! You guys spent a lot of time on it, I can tell.


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